Call to protect Sundarbans for future generations

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Call to protect Sundarbans for future generations

The Sundarbans, the world's largest mangrove forest, faces a range of threats that may result in Bangladesh losing this natural gem, unless conservation efforts are stepped up dramatically, speakers said at a book launch in the city Friday, reports UNB.

The book titled 'The Bangladesh Sundarbans' depicts the majestic beauty of the Sundarbans through photographs and text, as well as laying out its history and contemporary challenges to its conservation. Authored by Enayetullah Khan, Editor-in-Chief of the news agency, the volume was published by the Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh.

Speaking as the chief, Prof Gowher Rizvi, adviser to the Prime Minister, said the government was committed to protecting the country's natural resources for posterity.

"We share the Sundarbans with India and the fact that the two countries have come together to protect the forest and its biodiversity is a remarkable milestone in the relationship between the two countries," Gowher Rizvi said.

US Ambassador in Dhaka Dan Mozena said the Sundarbans typified the resilience of the people of Bangladesh.

He also said, "Conservation is about caring. The best way to save the fragile ecosystem of the mangrove forest is to raise awareness and this book will be a landmark in that direction."

Danish Ambassador Svend Olling and William Hanna, EU Ambassador to Bangladesh, said it was up to Bangladeshis to save the precious ecosystem but stressed that the world stood ready to help.

Enayetullah Khan said that the purpose of the publication was to increase knowledge and raise awareness about the magnificent mangrove forest, its flora and fauna and the fortitude of the forest dwelling people.

"We may not have the Taj Mahal, we may not have the pyramids, but we do have the Sundarbans," he said. "It's time to step forward toprotect this heritage."

A week-long art exhibition on the Bengal Tiger along with a printmaking workshop on the Sundarbans was also inaugurated after the book-launching event.


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