Cosmos Atelier71 Printmaking Studio


Cosmos-Atelier71 Printmaking Studio has firmly established itself as a premier centre for international graphic arts, with an aim to bolster graphic art in the country. Till now it has succeeded in helping Bangladeshi artists in exploring their creativity, exchange artwork and work alongside international artists for greater exposure.


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Cosmos Printing and Publishing (CP&P)

CP&P has been in the industry since 1985, offering high-quality printing of books, periodicals, and technology journals. With the possible eradication of rampant piracy of books occurring in Bangladesh, the company is exploring the possibility into joint ventures with reputed international publishing houses, for printing and publication of books; thus aiding the people of Bangladesh to buy world-class books at affordable prices.



Corporate Headquarters

Cosmos Group 
Cosmos Centre
69/1 New Circular Road, Malibagh,
Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh.