Corporate Social Responsibility

by Cosmos Group


Cosmos Group enshrines a deep-rooted commitment to supporting young talents for higher studies as part of our contribution to society. Cosmos-sponsored awards have been established in various branches of education, journalism, medicine, engineering and architecture, fine arts, law and business management.

Cosmos Group is a committed supporter of a variety of community activities in the media, health, charitable, and artistic fields. For example, the group pioneered the promotion of a very successful anti-tobacco movement in Bangladesh, especially through ADHUNIK, a recipient of the WHO gold medal for 1991-92 and 1992-93.

Cosmos has recently instituted a trust fund at the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, to support the WildTeam of Bangladesh, the Noazesh Knowledge Centre, and the Bangla Mountaineering and Trekking club.

In recognition of the evolving nature of our firm, Cosmos Group is a firm believer in an organisation’s social responsibility towards the community. We serve and aim to be a driver of social change in Bangladesh through the scope of its activities on a global level. The fruits of Cosmos’ endeavors are evident throughout the social landscape, and they aim to further contribute by seeking direct opportunities to aid the citizens of Bangladesh.


WildTeam of Bangladesh (WTB)



Our mission is to protect the National Heritage of our land. WTB is a non-profit organization whose aim is to conserve country's biodiversity. Over the years the country has lost both land and water ecosystems; along with different life forms they contain.  We are now at a point where many species of plants and animals are on the verge of extinction.  It is this urgent need of saving the biodiversity that makes WTB obligatory.

WTB began its journey in 2003 and is run by trustees. With a dedicated team of scientists, field biologists, project managers, veterinarian, communication specialists, we are involved in different projects across the country.  WTB's activities include Research and Monitoring, Institutional and Policy Development, Communication and Education, Wildlife-Human Conflict Mitigation and Legislation and Law enforcement.

WTB's projects are Sundarbans Tiger Project, Hoolock Gibbons, Bear, Community Conserved Areas (CCAs) and Human-Elephant Coexistence (HECx).Conservation of nature in Bangladesh is a great challenge requiring a plethora of skills, from ecologists and economists, to marketing and communications experts.  Building a bigger network of supporters and partners is integral for success.

WTB's partners include the Bangladesh Forest Department, Zoological Society of London (ZSL), University of Minnesota and US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).


Noazesh Knowledge Centre



The seed of this knowledge centre was implanted in the minds of WT trustees by the late Dr. Noazesh Ahmed, an eminent photographer and also the founding vice chairman of WT.

Noazesh Ahmed was an internationally reputed agricultural scientist and a notable photographer. He was a plant geneticist by profession. He obtained a gold medal for his outstanding contribution to agricultural research and development. He was also an environmentalist. He had always vouched for the development and preservation of our environment.

The NKC is the first institution of its kind which is open to educators, researchers and students. In keeping with the spirit of the late Dr. Ahmed, NKC aims to be a first-rate data bank on the status, distribution and history of the country’s natural resources.



Bangla Mountaineering and Trekking Club (BMTC)



Bangla Mountaineering and Trekking Club (BMTC) was instituted in 2003, creating awareness for trekking and prep training. It was founded by Mr. EnamUl Haque, the first Bangladeshi to reach the North Pole and Antarctica.

BMTC has initiated significant expeditions, including a 60 km urban trek from Manikganj to Dhaka in 2005, an expedition on Chulu West mountain, Nepal (Height: 21,049 ft.) in 2007, an expedition to the Frey and Mera Peaks of Himalayan range in 2008, and recently, a joint team of Nepali and Bangladeshi mountaineers successfully scaled the previously unclimbed Mt. Chekigo (6257m) on October 18, 2010. The expedition was sponsored by Cosmos, and the peak located in eastern Nepal has officially been named the Nepal-Bangladesh Friendship Peak.


UNB Connect – A Free Public Web Portal

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 Founded in 1988, United News of Bangladesh (UNB), is the first fully digitalized wire service in the private sector of South Asia. Associated Press of America (AP), the world's largest wire service, is UNB's principal partner in news exchange.

UNB has established a network of correspondents and reporters in all 64 districts, and around the world in strategic locations. In concert with the central newsroom at the Cosmos Centre, the UNB stable of journalists works fervently to supply news, featuring photographs to its subscribers. With accurate reporting and journalistic integrity, UNB is recognized as the nation's most dependable and credible source of news and information, serving some 20 million readers, listeners, and viewers in Bangladesh daily.  Valuable news exchange partnerships have been established with leading international and national agencies.

UNB has set the benchmark as the fastest and most credible national news agency in Bangladesh. We remain committed to a policy of quality, reliability, innovation and leadership.


Cosmos Group Provide Financial Support to ‘Assistance for Blind Children(ABC)’



Assistance for Blind Children (ABC) was founded on 2nd April 1978, with the motto, “A future for every blind child-give sight back to those who can recover it and dignity to those who cannot”; is dedicated to change the livelihood status of visually impaired children of Bangladesh.Cosmos Group is a regular donor of this organization.  Mr. Enayetullah khan, GMD of Cosmos Group, is a Life Member of this organization. Cosmos Group has donated BDT. 300000(approx) to this organization till now.


Mr. Enayetullah Khan, GMD of Cosmos Group, has written a book on the heritage of Bangladesh.


The name of the book is Bangladesh – Splendours of the Past which was published in 2001 and its 2nd edition has been published in 2014. This book tells about the Land and People of Bangladesh, about the Prehistory of Bangladesh, about the Two Ancient Cities of Bangladesh, about the Ancient Universities, about the Medieval Heritage, about the Terracotta Treasures and about the Sculptural Glories. The tales of superior achievements of our ancestors are beautifully portrayed in this book.


Cosmos Brings Lokkhi Terra to Dhaka

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On January 2013, Cosmos Group brought the musical group Lokkhi Terra to Dhaka to play a series of intimate gigs that showcased their genre to the Bangladeshi audience – an eclectic blend of Latin and Afro-Caribbean beats fused with a distinct Bengali flavour.

Led by Kishon Khan and based in London, the band reflects the melting pot of cultures that is the British capital and tends to stick to their effervescent style that is underpinned  by grooves that invariably pulls in the audience and makes them part of their performances.

During the tour, Dhakaites had the chance to experience the uniqueness of the band on three different occasions, starting with the Radius Lounge at Red Shift, the residence of Enayetullah Khan, Managing Director of Cosmos Group and Kozmo Lounge.


Cosmos Group Sponsored 'Bangladesh Discovery Ride 2014 – Explore the Diversity'

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In an effort to seek exchange of knowledge and culture and to promote tourism within the Chittagong region, Cosmos Group sponsored the Cog-way Japan Cycling and Cultural Exchange Association for a three-day event titled “Bangladesh Discovery Ride 2014 – Explore the Diversity”, which was held on November 21-23.

Over 100 local and foreign cyclists took part to ride in areas around Chittagong. Yuriko Ueda, general manager of the aforementioned exchange association, expressed her desire to provide the participants with an opportunity to cycle their way through a vivid Bangladesh – all while striving to support the local tourism industry and showcasing the indigenous uniqueness and natural beauty of Bangladesh on a yearly basis.

“Cycling also has the power to connect people beyond language, culture, religion and ideology,” she added.

The event commenced in Chittagong on November 21 and ended in Cox’s Bazar on November 23.


Cosmos Group Takes Baul Shafi Mondol to Broadway 



Cosmos Group had co-sponsored along with World Music Institute (WMI) to take renowned Baul singer Shafi Mondol to New York for a solo concert at at Symphony Space, New York’s premier performing arts centre on November 2, 2013.

This was the first-ever event when a Bangladeshi artist performed at WMI’s invitation, where he enthralled the audience and left them bewitched with his rendition of Lalon songs, aptly supported by a group of musicians, mostly drawn from New York’s Bangladeshi community.

He sang, danced and talked during his performance, along with providing a running commentary about Lalon and his music. He emphasised Lalon’s message of tolerance and invited everyone in the audience to look for God in one’s own heart.

Karen Sander, Artistic and Executive Director of WMI, expressed her appreciation for the support her organisation had received from Cosmos Group throughout the time.



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